Reflection: High Expectations Sci Fi Story Performances & Categorizing - Section 1: Student Performances


Honors students are notorious hams, but not everyone relishes their time in the spotlight.  In fact, just today, moments before performances were to begin, I had to extract a student from the nurse's office where he was complaining of a "sore back."

In all likelihood, none of my students will become actors by trade.  So, why do they need to perform?

* Group performances promote teamwork and cooperation.  

* Interpreting literature in a creative way is a great way to show that you "get" it.

* Public speaking skills are critical in any context or profession.  

* School should challenge students in ways that are not exclusively academic.  We are growing people, not brains.

So, I know you are wondering -- are the performances GOOD?  Do I enjoy them?  Well, sometimes and sometimes.  Occasionally they are terrible.  Frequently they are entertaining. Either way, they are always educational.


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Sci Fi Story Performances & Categorizing

Unit 5: Science Fiction
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT perform their versions of sci-fi stories and then work together to develop categories for the stories we have read.

Big Idea: Sorting and categorizing requires critical thinking skills.

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