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Teaching First Graders how to count by 10's to 120 is a very basic skill, but sometimes you are going to come across a little one that this basic skill is overwhelming to them. Make sure and stay in touch with the parents and inform them of these little struggles. There are many easy tasks that can be done to help kids when they are struggling with counting tasks. You might give parents ideas to build the skill, such as, use items to create a set of 120 and then break it down into groups of 10: toys, hair bands, pennies, toothpicks, straws, etc. Some parents assume their child has mastered certain skills and unless you are informing them, they may not know to practice at home.

  Parent Communication: Staying in touch
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Perfect 10's

Unit 2: Building Counting Skills
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Objective: SWBAT group ones as a set of 10 and count by 10's to 120.

Big Idea: Perfect 10! I want my students to identify the relationship between ones and sets of ten. They need to identify that 10 is a set of 10 ones.

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