Reflection: Advanced Students Themes, Analyzing, and Evaluation - Section 2: Choose and Defend


This lesson's writing piece is not very in depth, but gives me a great deal of information about a student's understanding. However, your higher readers will finish quickly and I was prepared to ask them to go to the next level with their evaluation and learning. 

When these students finished, I asked them to go back and critique the book. I asked them to evaluate how well they liked it and why. They could include what they would change or if it left any thoughts with them in the end. I left the directions open and just asked them to share their thoughts so that I understood their point of view. 

  Advanced Students: Book Evaluation
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Themes, Analyzing, and Evaluation

Unit 18: Number the Stars Literature Unit
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Objective: SWBAT decide and write about two overall themes of Number the Stars and find evidence from the book to support it.

Big Idea: To evaluate students' understanding of Number the Stars they will be giving evidence from the book that supports one of the book's themes. They will learn what a theme is and find evidence to support two of the themes they feel best fit the story.

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English / Language Arts, theme (Reading Comp), Literature, Fictional Literature, historical fiction, theme, evidence, note taking, Lois Lowry, Number the Stars
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