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Some students seem to have a hard time describing features the pattern by identifying the rule.  I noticed that students solve the table without realizing the pattern itself. To get them to understand that patterns are a vital part of identifying the given rule, I use a T-chart to model how to see the number patterns.  To make it more appealing to students, I model and explain how to discover the rule by using a real-world word problem. 

How many of you like jelly beans? Several students raise their hands.  I will give you jelly beans if you can help me solve and discover the function for the jelly bean table.  Students are eager to help me solve. However, I want to make sure that their focus is solely on how to identify the given rule.

I have 6 jelly beans in my jar.  I hold up the jar so that students can remain eager to figure out the rule.  Then I write the word problem on the board.

I have 6 jelly beans in my jar.  If I added 5 jelly beans to the jar each day. How many jelly beans will I have on the 6 day?

I probe students a bit. For instance, I ask students how many jelly beans to I have in my jar before any is added.  Can you tell me how to write the rule? How and why will this help us determine how many jelly beans I will have on the 6th day? Explain? As students responded I wrote and repeated how and why the entered numbers were correct.  I repeat this using scaffolding until students were able to explain and solve on their own. 

My students worked really well using the jelly beans to determine the rule and why the rule work with the given table. If jelly beans are not handy, I inserted jelly bean cut outs in this activity.

  Students with Disabilities: What I noticed.
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What is the function?

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Objective: SWBAT generate a number pattern that follows a given rule. Identify apparent features of the pattern that were not explicit in the rule itself.

Big Idea: Students need time to investigate math functions, in this lesson students will investigate why and how the given function is appropriate for the given table.

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