Reflection: Grappling with Complexity Ben & Jerry are Coming! - Section 3: Conducting the Survey and Analyzing Results


Creating a bar graph with three categories is a 2nd grade expectation.  The CCSS expects 2nd graders to draw a bar graph (with single-unit scale) to represent a data set with up to four categories (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.2.MD.D.10).

Since this is a 2nd grade standard, some of the students may need to be guided with setting up the bar graph.  I found this true with my own students.  They could all fill in the data on the graph, but some needed help setting up the graph.

  Guiding For Understanding
  Grappling with Complexity: Guiding For Understanding
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Ben & Jerry are Coming!

Unit 18: Reviewing Data Collecting and Graphing
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Objective: SWBAT conduct a survey with the members of the class. SWBAT organize and display the data collected. SWBAT answer questions and analyze the data.

Big Idea: The famous ice cream makers Ben and Jerry will be visiting our classroom and bringing free ice-cream with them. Before they arrive, they have asked the class to figure out what their favorite ice cream topping is. Today, the class will figure that out.

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