Reflection: Student Ownership Book Groups: Analyzing Characters & Send a Question - Section 2: Discussing Characters & Developing Questions


I will be honest:  though I try to do a lot of student-directed activities, I wince a little every time I give away control of my classroom.  This isn't logical, because, while I have had my share of student shirkers and players and upside-down readers (you know who I am talking about!), I have had just as many thoughtful, interesting, serious kids who do their best in every endeavor.

Today's activity was great.  Some groups (like the one featured in my video) were amazing.  Some made some effort...or at least they tried to look busy.  The fact is (and I am saying this more for me than for you, gentle reader), we can't goof proof our instructional plans.  The kids who want to play will find a way to do so, we know this.  So, why not let the kids run the show every once in a while?  Who knows, maybe in doing so, the motivated learners will bring a few more along for the ride.

  Students Take Charge
  Student Ownership: Students Take Charge
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Book Groups: Analyzing Characters & Send a Question

Unit 6: Unlocking Mood and Other Elements of Horror
Lesson 12 of 18

Objective: SWBAT conduct thoughtful, productive discussions about their independent reading novels (Something Wicked...or Hill House)

Big Idea: How does it work when students run the discussion?

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