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I want to reinforce the connection that math has with the real world (our school day schedule) and how other subjects like writing can be used to explain math reasoning. Often students see math as a useless subject unless it has real world relevance in their lives. I work incredibly hard to make sure students see how math connects to things that matter to them, and it ties in well with our persuasive writing unit that we are currently working on. Additionally, writing allows students to explore their reasoning in a deeper way and this task was designed to have them explore their justification for the amount of time each activity or subject should be.

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Using Persuasion with Time

Unit 10: Math in the Real World
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT defend their choices using their understanding of elapsed time.

Big Idea: In order to defend choices about elapsed time in determining their favorite schedule, students must be able to explain their thinking. That's a good thing!

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