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Getting familiar with and teaching the Common Core standards can be an overwhelming task.  There's been times this year when I've said to myself "How in the world am I going to fit everything in every day?"  One of the key shifts in the Common Core standards is the emphasis placed on reading nonfiction texts that have those social studies and science connections.  What I've been able to do to get everything in is to think about what kind of work I'm going to be assigning as I'm planning a lesson or unit.  You can have students engage in so many different kinds of learnings with integrating nonfiction, and, since I've been integrating my social studies and science concepts in our reading block time, that's freed up time in my day where I don't have to actually have a social studies or science "block" in my day.  I've been able to concentrate on teaching my students how to read and write well this year.

  Integrating the Curriculum
  Lesson Planning: Integrating the Curriculum
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The Lorax - Day One

Unit 19: How Do We Help The Earth?
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT answer questions and retell key details about the story and explore the cause and effect relationships that occur.

Big Idea: In today's lesson we not only work on comprehension skills, but we make social studies connections as well.

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