Reflection: Real World Applications Pizza, Hot Chocolate and Newton's Law of Cooling: Adding Constants to Exponential Functions - Section 5: Exit Ticket: Hot Chocolate


For today's Exit Ticket: Hot Chocolate Cooling Example students were asked to apply their understanding of exponential functions, particularly Newton's Law of Cooling, to figure out how long it a hot chocolate will stay "hot."

I enjoy creating tasks that involve modeling and real-life applications for students. The more I can make class relevant to students, the more they will be engaged and want to learn. I have learned over the years that it is especially important to ask students about the relevance of activities to be able to improve and tailor exercises so they stay relevant. I often times find myself think a task is extremely interesting and relevant, only to be reminded that the task doesn't have to be relevant to me, but has to be interesting to the students sitting in front of me!

  Real World Applications: Modeling with Hot Chocolate
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Pizza, Hot Chocolate and Newton's Law of Cooling: Adding Constants to Exponential Functions

Unit 5: Exponential Functions
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT interpret and apply Newton's Law of Cooling as an exponential function. SWBAT combine standard exponential functions using arithmetic. SWBAT paraphrase complex arguments.

Big Idea: Students investigate applications of Newton's Law of Cooling and create their own exponential functions modeling other contexts.

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