Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Folktales: Exploring the Genre - Section 2: Analyzing the Texts


Today's lesson is the first in a series. Although I’m not a fan of it, I find myself using a lot of direct instruction. This year has been one of great change where everything is new and everything is assessed. Learning new programs, using new standards, and carving time for testing has taken a toll on my planning - and teaching - time. And sadly, I’ve found that when pressed for time I tend to fall back into being that “sage on the stage” rather than having students direct their own learning. I’m determined to change that in this unit and start today by involving students in an inquiry about the folktales genre. 

  Student Led Inquiry: Inquiry
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Folktales: Exploring the Genre

Unit 12: Folktales: Fables, Tall Tales, and Fairy Tales
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT read various texts to determine the genre.

Big Idea: In this unit, students will explore three types of folktales while practicing their critical thinking skills. In day one, students work in two groups to analyze texts, determine commonalities, and label their learning.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, fairy tales, fables, Folktales, tall tales, traditional literature, Genre
  65 minutes
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