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I was disappointed today. Students had clearly not finished reading the book; 3 minutes into the conversation, no one had anything to say in response to some high quality questions (which were open-ended enough for at least guesses) from their peers. The hard question was asked: who finished the book? Two hands went up.

I could have provided help at this point--we could have divided chapters, skim read, and shared out. This, though, would have reinforced their behavior. Not exactly what I'm going for, especially since students had plenty of time to finish reading.

Alas, students now have to face the consequences of their actions. The novel will be featured on their test (the next day); they can read on their own and wing it without the support of class discussion. Perhaps next time, they will make sure to complete their homework.

  Rules and Consequences: Unprepared
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Purpose and Multiple Text Review

Unit 6: Purpose Across Multiple Texts
Lesson 16 of 17

Objective: SWBAT identify purpose and key ideas in class texts by completing a review chart.

Big Idea: Combine what you know into one helpful study tool--test review.

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English / Language Arts, comparison and contrast, equality (American Govt), purpose, evaluation, analyze details, comparison, historical background, equality
  50 minutes
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