Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines The Wolves of the Arctic Tundra, Day 3 of 3 - Section 6: Independent Writing


What does this session of student writing tell me? This writing piece tells me this students has a good understanding of the ending of the story. He did a good job of recounting the ending with proper use of the time-order words. He did add "ed" to the word put, which he has done previously to irregular past-tense verbs, signalling that I will need to specifically instruct him on this.

Next, this piece shows me this student has much to say. This students tends to write as she thinks, and I have helped her to think first, and then compose her sentences. She needs to practice this more. While she understands what is happening in the story, some of her grammar errors do get in the way of the flow of the writing.

This piece shows some understanding. I wish the student had used more specific details. And the summary contains an error: the wolves do sing back. However,, her ability to stay focused On Amaroq and Nutik is progress.

Lastly, this piece shows inconsistency with capitalization and spelling. This students needs continual reminders of which words to capitalize. She also need reminders of where to find the classroom models of time-order words so she can write them appropriately. Even with all these errors, she still shows understanding of the ending.


  Writing Across the Disciplines: Reflecting on Student Writing, Part 3
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The Wolves of the Arctic Tundra, Day 3 of 3

Unit 6: Habitats: Exploring the Regions Of Our World
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT: Ask and answer questions to understand an informational and literary text.

Big Idea: The sun sets at the top of the world. The wolves come calling for Nutik, the wolf pup. Will Nutik stay with Amaroq, or will he join his wolf family? Will love triumph between a boy and a wolf pup?

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