Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Who Are the People of the Arctic Tundra? Day 2 of 3 - Section 6: Independent Writing


Students tend to do better when they enjoy something, and my students like this story. They did a good job meeting the task of providing evidence for what happened.

This student writing provides a really good summary. This particular student's writing has evolved from being all over the place to being very focused.

I was very pleased by this student's writing. This student usually doesn't finish on time and has to finish his work after lunch. But today, he provided a good summary of this part of the story. Yes, he needs to add a question mark to the first sentence and there are some spelling and grammar errors, but these errors do not impede his comprehension or his expression of key details. I made sure to let him know I was proud of his accomplishment. We need to celebrate all wins with our students!

The next writing piece shows a good beginning. It is written neatly and includes good use of time-order words. I also like the use of vocabulary words. The paragraph makes sense as a whole, which is progress for this student.

This final student piece also make logical sense, which also progress for this student, who had been struggling with recounting. She consistently misspelled time-order words in previous writing samples, so I made sure to point out where the words were written in the classroom for her to model. I am glad she is paying closer attention. But again, despite errors, her writing demonstrates that she understands what has happened in the text. 

  Writing Across the Disciplines: Reflecting on Student Writing, Part 2
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Who Are the People of the Arctic Tundra? Day 2 of 3

Unit 6: Habitats: Exploring the Regions Of Our World
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT: Ask and answer questions to understand an information and literary text.

Big Idea: Summer has come to the top of the world. How are Amaroq and his wolf pup, Nutik, spending it? If Amaroq falls in love with his pup, will he be strong enough to let him go when the wolves come calling?

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