Reflection: Joy Using Math at Work - Section 1: Parent Visit


Having a parent come in and share how he uses math in his job is a wonderful way for students to see that math is a useful thing to know. He sparked excitement in the students, and you could almost hear the wheels turning in one child's head as she asked if anyone could be an architect and if you could make your own kind of buildings.

The visit sparked an interest in measurement among the students. They kept talking about the special tools they had seen. They wanted to try to use the tools to measure the classroom. 

If you can find a local person, a parent, or another adult volunteer who uses math in the community, invite them in. It creates a whole new excitement around the usefulness of math and possibly an interest in careers that include math.

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Using Math at Work

Unit 18: Strategies That Work
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Objective: SWBAT see how people use math at work.

Big Idea: Math is all around us but sometimes we need to be specific in showing students how it is there and how it is used.

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