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I planned today's lesson to combine writing and math.  The common core standards are easily combined with other content areas.  I wanted to extend the shape block construction activity with writing.  My students loved drawing the pictures from the shapes and then writing about it.  I would like to make this a math station but wanted to introduce it during my writing activity.  The sentence includes the math vocabulary of "construct" that aligns to the math standards.  Reading and writing are in every content area, so I feel I must show my students how to incorporate their ELA skills during a math activity.

  connecting ELA & Math
  Relevance: connecting ELA & Math
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Incorporating writing skills during math

Unit 12: Just Write!
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT incorporate a writing component when using shape blocks by describing what they construct and drawing an accompanying picture.

Big Idea: We wiil construct pictures with our shape blocks and then write a sentence and draw a picture of our product.

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