Reflection: Staircase of Complexity Place Value Review - Section 2: The Value Game


When I created this game, I really wanted students to be able to identify the value of digits in places to 1,000. I know that many of my students are already capable of this skill so I allowed the children to build 5 digit numbers as well if I was sure that they were capable of identifying the value in 4 digit numbers. As the groups started playing, I checked in with them if I felt that they might be able to extend to 5 digits. 

Students were quick to realize that they could count the zeros in the numbers on the playing card directions and match them to the numbers they had built  in order to identify the value of a specific digit in their number. I built in a way to address the diverse needs of learners and to let them work at a level that was increasingly complex by sharing this strategy with students and with adjusting the game for 4 or 5 digit numbers.

Common Core Standard (2.NBT.A.3) does not expect students to be able to recognize the value of numbers to the ten thousands, so students who were able to identify the value of digits to the thousands were proficient with this standard,  but as many of the students were ready for this task, it was built into the lesson.

  Recognizing Value
  Staircase of Complexity: Recognizing Value
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Place Value Review

Unit 7: Place Value
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify the value of numbers to 10,000.

Big Idea: The word value is often confusing to students. Today's lesson will help to clarify the meaning of the term value.

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