Reflection: Student Feedback A Haiku for Me and for You! - Section 2: Lesson Opener


I knew going into this lesson that there would be some resistance to the genre of music I had chosen for this lesson.  But I had NO IDEA just how intolerant of classical music this group was.  Wow, did we ever have whining!  Once we made it past the whining stage, we did great and I think the music wore on them.  I guess I need to increase their exposure so it's not that big of a shock on their systems.  lol!

  Reflection - WARNING: Classical Intolerant Generation!
  Student Feedback: Reflection - WARNING: Classical Intolerant Generation!
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A Haiku for Me and for You!

Unit 5: Passion For Poetry
Lesson 7 of 19

Objective: SWBAT read, understand, and create a Haiku

Big Idea: We are writing poetry to take all the way to the publishing stage of writing. Today we are writing Haiku poems.

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