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By building on concepts throughout a unit, students learn to take ownership of information and skills because each lesson taught relies on information learned in the previous lesson. It requires kids to use the previously learned skill in order to learn the next one.

Taking ownership of a skill means the kids really understand it and are able to use it in challenging circumstances. The can build on it and share the knowledge and skill with others.

  Providing opportunities for ownership
  Student Ownership: Providing Opportunities for Ownership
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Build it! Subtraction Fluency

Unit 9: Subtraction, Subtraction...We all love subtraction!
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT to set up, record and solve a subtraction problems to five by rolling dice to create, record and solve the subtraction problems.

Big Idea: Kinders are expected to have fluent knowledge of addition and subtraction problems to five. This lesson addresses the equations and to some extent the fluency since they must understand that the organization of the problem is key.

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Math, Manipulative Skills, Number Sense and Operations, subtraction, Fluency (Math)
  60 minutes
dice 3
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