Reflection: Exit Tickets Preparing for the Unit 5 Assessment by Determining the Meaning of Words and Citing Evidence From the Text - Section 4: Wrap Up


Comments students made during the Exit Ticket wrap up activity included:

  • It helped me think about how to answer the question
  • It helped me get all my facts right
  • I included evidence from the reading, RI.9-10.1
  • I don't like to write but if I have to the PEE helped me write the answer

In reflecting on their responses I realized that they are getting it!  Using the graphic organizer seems to be helping most students see their answers clearly.  It also helped them to slow down especially those who tend to be "impulsive" when writing their responses.  What organizers do you find helpful?

  Graphic Organizer
  Exit Tickets: Graphic Organizer
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Preparing for the Unit 5 Assessment by Determining the Meaning of Words and Citing Evidence From the Text

Unit 14: Narrative Writing
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT determine figurative and connotative meaning of words and analyze their impact on literary works. SWBAT cite specific evidence from text and demonstrate understanding by writing evidence based answers.

Big Idea: Practicing test taking helps prepare my students for the real thing.

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