Reflection: Modeling Word Problems With Order of Operations (Day 1 & 2) - Section 2: Model A Problem


During this initial problem even though I stressed the labeling, many of the students ended up with an answer of 12 bees in the tree. Using the label of bees, hives, and the tree were missed and the students did not account for the three hives in the tree.  After they had solved the problem, I went back through the problem and modeled the drawing for each step.  Many of the students began discussing with their shoulder partners where they made mistakes during my demonstration.  Allowing students to make mistakes on their own and then recognizing the step containing the error helped them realize the importance of drawing models with this lesson. 

One way to improve the labeling of this problem is to draw illustrations of a tree, hives, and bees throughout the process of this multi-step problem. While it may seem like an early elementary strategy, it may be beneficial to visual learners, ELL students, and other students as they move to solving more complex world problems. 

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Word Problems With Order of Operations (Day 1 & 2)

Unit 6: Multiplication 2
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: SWBAT write word problems using the order of operations.

Big Idea: Writing word problems reinforces understanding of the order of operations.

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Math, order of operations, commutative property of multiplication, word problems, division, multiplication, multiplication models, area model
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