Reflection: Student Ownership Water, Water, Everywhere - Section 4: Answering Questions and Justifying Our Answers


I am so grateful for the Common Core standards because they are helping me to make my students become really aware of their thinking and become active, problem-solving readers.  In my attempt to teach the standards well this year I wrote a whole unit on how to use various text features when dealing with informational text.  Well, I saw the fruits of my labors right here in this lesson. 

When we were answering question 2 for the story, "We Need Water," there were many different choices for the correct order of the water cycle.  Thinking back to my own experience as a reader, I would have just guessed.  I was just utterly floored when I asked one of my students to justify why she though her answer for question 2 was correct and she told me how she used the text features in the story to answer the question.  Check my awesome readers out in this video: Using Text Features to Answer Questions - Day Two Clean Water.mp4.  It is so gratifying as a teacher to see that all of that hard work is paying off and making a difference in the lives of my students.

  Student Ownership: Being Aware of Our Thinking
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Water, Water, Everywhere

Unit 19: How Do We Help The Earth?
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Objective: SWBAT use several comprehension strategies in order to better understand the text.

Big Idea: Today's lesson has a great science connection. Not only are we working on reading comprehension but students will also learn about the water cycle and understand why clean water is essential to living things.

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