Reflection: Intervention and Extension Six, Take it Away! - Section 4: Independent Practice


As soon as I see a student or a small group of students struggling, I stop their "play" and bring them to my horseshoe table for differentiated instruction. In this case, I noticed that the "drive to add" was prohibiting Rayne from properly performing the activity of taking away from six. So I had her sit with me for a quick guided instruction time. I focused on getting her to move her thinking from putting together to taking apart.

The video shows what she was doing before we met and then after. She set the problem up correctly, but then wrote 5 + 1 = 6. While that is true, it did not meet the expectations of this lesson so we worked together for about five minutes.

The video above (under Independent Practice) shows how she benefited from the quick, personalized intervention. In one quick five minute intervention, Rayne became successful and was on track for subtraction.

  Intervention and Extension: What individual instruction can do!
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Six, Take it Away!

Unit 7: Take it Away! (all about subtraction)
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT to solve subtraction problems with six by rolling a dice and subtracting the number of dots rolled.

Big Idea: Since kinders find learning how to subtract to be challenging, they need ample practice with subtraction in a variety of ways. Here's one way to get them thinking about taking away.

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