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This was such a great problem to give my students. I like it for several reasons. One, this is a highly engaging problem for my students because it mentions all three fourth grade classrooms.  Many fourth graders are naturally competitive.  This problem hooks some students right from the start merely by the wording and that it is a competition.  Second, this is a great problem for me to observe which students are struggling with how to make common numerators and denominators, but more importantly to see if they are struggling with WHY they would use this skill.  I think sometimes in math, I am guilty as well, that we give kids strategies and procedures to do skill, but then fail to give them real life relevant problems in which that skill would be necessary. This recycling problem in an excellent problem for me to assess which students are struggling with WHY they would make common numerators or denominators.   I need to ensure that I help these students make connections between skills and when and where they would be appropriate or applicable. 


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Recycling with Common Numerators

Unit 6: Fraction Equivalents and Ordering Fractions
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT compare fractions by creating common numerators.

Big Idea: In this lesson students compare fractions by creating common numerators in an engaging problem about recycling.

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