Reflection: Real World Applications Object Writing - Section 1: Warm Up


My intentions for this lesson was to get them to write about something of their choice.  To write about something real using sentences that would inform the reader about the object they chose.  Common core standards put a lot of emphessis on reading and writing about nonfictional things.  In the real world, we do spend most of our time reading and working with nonfictional texts.  It is easy meet the standards in kindergarten.  I find my students had fun today.  They are so proud of their independent abilities.

  Real World Applications: design
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Object Writing

Unit 12: Just Write!
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT choose an object and write several informational sentences independently and then read them orally to the class.

Big Idea: We will have fun choosing toys to write about.

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