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After teaching this unit for 10 years I have never had a parent complain. I only show them "official trailers" that have been rated as suitable for all audiences and give students the choice of writing a horror or thriller story. Also some students have wanted to do mystery stories in the past and let them do that as well. The thing is at 13, my students have seen way more scary movies than I have and it is a fun genre for them to write. In my models I stay away from blood and gore, therefore in their stories they tend to do the same. If are concerned or for good communication with the parents, send a note home with them about the unit. 

  A note about horror/thriller stories
  Lesson Planning: A note about horror/thriller stories
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Brainstorming the Four Main Components of a Horror/Thriller Story

Unit 15: Fiction Unit
Lesson 2 of 15

Objective: SWBAT introduced to the four major components of horror/thriller story by watching clips in order to get ideas for their own story.

Big Idea: "It's not a ghost...What is it?!"

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