Reflection: Student Ownership Nonfiction vs Fiction - What's the Difference? - Section 3: Writing About the Learning


During this class discussion, my students chose narrative format for two reasons, first because it allows them to use their own story ideas in their writing, and second because it was difficult to find facts in the internet or in books for the informative writing.

I adapted the lesson prompts to be encouraging to them to develop personal connections to their stories by maiking them about familiar places and events. I also wanted to expose them to as much literature as I could to help them write to a higher level, add more description and creativity to their writing and to encourage reading. The later was the first case I saw in action. As soon as the lesson ended students went quickly to the classroom library and checked out the books we had used and the class story "Silent Hill". My goal is to make a narrative shelf so that I can encourage this reaction by placing CCSS recommended reading books in view and changing them out throughout the unit. I will also add the books we use in the lessons to build connections and interest in good writers works.    

As they complete their written stories we will add these to the shelf or make a student-authors area so that they can take pride and build confidence in the fact that their audience likes what they write.

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  Student Ownership: Easier Format to Write
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Nonfiction vs Fiction - What's the Difference?

Unit 5: Writing Narrative Stories to Entertain Your Readers
Lesson 1 of 16

Objective: and contrast narrative fiction books and informational nonfiction books to determine the ways they are similar and different.

Big Idea: Fiction is written for entertainment; nonfiction is written to inform.

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