Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Brainstorming ideas for Horror/Thriller Stories - Section 3: Independent Practice


The students had already been taught by their reading teacher the summary strategy, "Somebody Wanted But So," in order to start to craft a summary. For example with "The Beyency, " Beyonce (somebody) wanted to ensure no one spoke badly about her, so she created the Beygency to ensure no one did. Then a man spoke badly about her and his life was never the same (they were then taught to extend it by using "then" for text details).

I said to the students, "A movie trailer is just like a summary, but more exciting. Use your strategy of "Somebody Wanted But So." This made it easier and if they had not been taught a summary strategy, I would have concentrated on this for the lesson. Here is an example of that organizer. 

  Somebody Want But So
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Somebody Want But So
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Brainstorming ideas for Horror/Thriller Stories

Unit 15: Fiction Unit
Lesson 1 of 15

Objective: SWBAT introduced to the horror/thriller genre by making a “trailer” or their story.

Big Idea: Don't you dare say anything negative about Beyonce!

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