Reflection: Lesson Planning The Titanic: Timeline of a Tragedy - Section 2: Setting a Purpose


This lesson could easily be combined with yesterday’s lesson, “Titanic: The Iceberg.” If you find that your students have been keeping pace with the daily assignments and have very little unfinished work, this would be a good place to combine lessons if needed. Although I always appreciate extra time to go back and re-read or revisit topics, I do understand times when adjustments need to be made due to unavailable computer labs, unexpected fire drills, or other interruptions in schedules. Because my classes had fallen behind in their research and needed additional time on the computers, I decided to keep the two lessons separate. However, as always, feel free to adjust these lessons to best fit the needs of your students. 

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The Titanic: Timeline of a Tragedy

Unit 9: The Titanic
Lesson 9 of 26

Objective: SWBAT conduct research around a given focus, record specific notes, and demonstrate understanding through a variety of questions.

Big Idea: Today students discover the events that led up to the last hours of the Titanic. Students read through a timeline of events, complete a cause and effect chart, and identify the problem and solution in the passage.

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