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I highly recommend modeling how to complete a unit before the kids start on their own. I always create my own student account so that when I log in, I can go through the same screens they will see in their account. I found that they really need to see what answers should look like in order to be successful. Little things such as hitting the shift key plus a letter in order to make it capital, pushing the same shift key and the number one to create an exclamation point, and making sure there’s a space between sentences are all necessary in order to score an answer as correct. Spending time demonstrating this in the beginning pays off big in the end. 

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  Adjustments to Practice: Model, model, model
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Unit 1: Tips, Tricks, and Tools
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Objective: TWBAT use online program to create individualized Common Core Standards practice for math and language arts.

Big Idea: This online service provides students with meaningful CCSS aligned practice while keeping them engaged and providing detailed feedback for teachers and parents.

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English / Language Arts, online practice, CCSS aligned review
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