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My students really liked this movie. I was surprised since it was a documentary. I think since the kids had a real purpose here and because the information is so "real world" the students really bought in and enjoyed themselves. They wanted to chat about the movie for quite some time and had amazing ideas to share. The kids started to think that Hamilton planned the whole thing out because he was so depressed and was willing to die to preserve his honor. They felt that if he was such a proud man, that he knew he could die and make Burr the ultimate "bad-guy" They truly felt that Hamilton hated Burr that much. I was blown away by what they discussed. 

  Students Loved the Video
  Joy: Students Loved the Video
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Ready, Aim, Fire! Wait! What Truly Happened That Day?

Unit 7: Accounts and Viewpoints and Bias, Oh My!
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Objective: SWBAT use multiple accounts and perspectives to draw conclusions about a historic event.

Big Idea: Collecting evidence to support a viewpoint is never easy. Lucky for you, you just worked through a fabulous unit on how to do this like a pro!

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