Reflection: Intervention and Extension Performing our Poetry - Section 3: Poetry Presentations


I had a couple of students who did not want to present. We have been working on presentations all year, but since poetry can be so personal, it increases the anxiety. I asked them to at least present one stanza and they did. They did it because it was not the first time we have done presentations and the whole class rallied around them. We "snapped" instead of clapped after everyone went and I ensured that everyone was giving their full attention and was respectful to all the presenters. Having a classroom that is a supportive environment is extremely important and I would not have presentations unless I had built one. 

Additionally, I could have extended their presentations for two days and the first day showed them some clips (like the below) and had them practice having more emotion in their presentations. 


  Presenting poetry can be the hardest presentation!
  Intervention and Extension: Presenting poetry can be the hardest presentation!
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Performing our Poetry

Unit 14: Poetry
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT to perform one of their poems by using their best presentation skills.

Big Idea: Eye contact, body language, and poise.

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