Reflection: Intervention and Extension Final Drafts of our Poems - Section 3: Independent Practice


A couple of my students said, "I hate poetry, I am not "good" at it." This happens more than with any other genre I teach. I tell them, I am not "good" at it either and that it is hard for me to put my deep thoughts and feelings on paper.

I ask them to at least try out one stanza, then they can write a summary about what that stanza means to them to get them started with thinking through the rest of the stanzas. I also tell them that they do not have to go deep, they can write about the Seahawks, their favorite video game or even how much they hate poetry! Sometimes the roadblock is that they do not want to share their innermost thoughts and feelings. 

  Students who are not "good" at poetry.
  Intervention and Extension: Students who are not "good" at poetry.
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Final Drafts of our Poems

Unit 14: Poetry
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT to finalize their poems by using their resources.

Big Idea: Finalizing our deep thoughts and feelings.

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