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As I had hoped, today’s activities prompted great discussions among students. One such conversation even surprised me! While I walked the room during share time, I was struck by the comments I heard from one particular table. Though I didn’t record the entire conversation, I tried to save the most important points. You’ll hear me trying to reconcile comments that were made before I started filming with those made during the video. It's a great example of thinking outside of what was expected. 

  Fruits of the Labor
  Student Feedback: Fruits of the Labor
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The Titanic: The Survivors

Unit 9: The Titanic
Lesson 6 of 26

Objective: SWBAT conduct research around a given focus, record specific notes, and demonstrate understanding through a variety of questions.

Big Idea: Today students examine the number of survivors and victims within various categories of people on board the Titanic. Students then make inferences about the disparity of survivors between the categories.

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