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Integrating technology is one of the best ways to increase student ownership. From what I've noticed, students take great pride in their work on the computer and will often have better spelling, more precise work, and they seem more willing to go back to revise/edit.

Students also love making Google Presentations "their own" by changing the background, manipulating fonts, and changing colors. I let my students do this as long as it doesn't slow their learning process! 

The more you integrate technology, the more it becomes part of daily learning. Even though there are small obstacles here and there, students are quick to fix technological problems quickly due to high-exposure to technology. 

If I had to do this lesson over again, I would definitely use the Google Presentation again during student practice time. As a result, students were highly engaged in the lesson (which always leads to higher-level learning)! 

  Increasing Student Ownership with Technology
  Student Ownership: Increasing Student Ownership with Technology
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Decimal Introduction

Unit 9: Decimals
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use decimal notation for fractions.

Big Idea: Students will explore the connection between fractions and decimals by identifying how to read, write, and model decimal numbers using a Google Presentation.

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Math, Fractions, Decimals, decimal conversions, fraction equivalency, hundreds grids, decimal notation
  100 minutes
representing decimals
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