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As stated earlier, I included this lesson after noticing that several students simply didn’t understand basic terms related to ships, sailing, and even money used outside of this country. These words were chosen specifically for my students and may not be important for your class to learn. It is a lesson that easily could be omitted without leaving gaps in the unit as a whole.

If you do choose to skip it, I would encourage you to do some sort of instruction around vocabulary. Unless your students have a strong background in geography, history, and the Titanic in general there will be gaps in their understanding of key words used throughout the unit. While our hope is that students will use strategies they’ve learned to understand content vocabulary, there will always be a need for direct instruction in some areas. A Word version of the research packet has been included so that you can make changes as needed for your class. 

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The Titanic: Vocabulary Check-in

Unit 9: The Titanic
Lesson 5 of 26

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of vocabulary they've encountered over the last few days of our research project.

Big Idea: After listening to a few conversations, it became evident that students needed a quick check-in to clarify their understanding of vocabulary found in the texts they have been reading.

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