Reflection: Parent Communication Using Decomposition As a Tool to Prove The Why Behind Simplifying - Section 5: Homework and Video Support Through Educreations


Using technology to help parents and students understand the lesson is a resource that I am implementing more and more. I find Educreations an excellent tool for this. I emailed each student the lesson as I explained it on the video to help support their home work practice, but also to communicate with parents the reasons behind decomposition. I got feedback from one parent. She remarked to her child that she wished someone would have explained adding and subtracting fractions like that to her! She totally gets it!

I smiled at my student as she told me this news. I shared that my math education as a kid left me with big holes of understanding how fractions worked and that I wish that I was taught it this way too! I asked her if she was afraid of adding and subtracting fractions anymore?

"No, it totally rocked the way you explained it and I get it!" If she only knew how exhausted I was from teaching this concept over the last two days how much this remark meant to me. This is what I live to hear!

  Supporting Understanding Through Technology
  Parent Communication: Supporting Understanding Through Technology
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Using Decomposition As a Tool to Prove The Why Behind Simplifying

Unit 7: Fractions 2: Addition and Subtraction Concepts/ Mini unit
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT add and subtract fractions using decomposition.

Big Idea: This introductory lesson to decomposition of fractions is a straightforward whole group instruction that teaches students the "why" behind the decomposition of fractions in addition and subtraction of mixed numbers.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Fractions, Decomposition of Fractions
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