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Many of the students wanted me to take a look at their introductions, and the SOAPStone plus "how" concept I taught earlier was a great way to do this.  I was able to go through each one, pointing out each element or asking them where each was referenced (depending on the student).  What I found was that many of the students had the elements, but not so much of the "how"--so this became the point of emphasis.  Since it is a small class and they can hear me when I work with others, hopefully they all got the message as they write their complete drafts. 

Some students also worked together to establish an "outline" of the Levy text, and they had a lot of questions.  Toward the end of the period I took a few minutes to talk as a class about the organization, jointly establishing three basic sections of the text.  The first is an extensive series of examples where she establishes the state of "raunch culture."  The second is her launching into her own investigation of why this was happening, and the third is her drawing conclusions from her investigation.  Hopefully this gave them a place to start as they go into the writing.

  Reading Introductions
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Reading Introductions
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Organizing Information in a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Unit 3: Writing a Rhetorical Analysis Essay
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT write a strong introduction to their topic and develop their topic so that each idea builds on the next with relevant evidence.

Big Idea: A good introduction in a rhetorical analysis references the SOAPStone elements of the text in question, and how the author makes the appeal.

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