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When I created the website it quickly became apparent that I couldn’t include all that I had originally planned. While two weeks seems like a long time, it’s not nearly long enough to explore all there is to learn about the Titanic.

As I stated earlier, I was looking forward to sharing Belfast’s Titanic site with students. However, it contained too much information to be included in this lesson. I wanted students to have time to explore the entire site and have a bit of background knowledge about Belfast before visiting it. So I decided to keep this site separate and introduced it later in the unit. While not deserving of an entire lesson, I did want to share it with you. The facility itself is simply stunning. Because it is the home of the Titanic, this museum contains the most authentic information and pieces of its history. If you ever have the chance to visit Belfast, I highly recommend you visit. Until then, you can get a glimpse here!

  The Titanic Experience
  Lesson Planning: The Titanic Experience
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The Titanic: The Places

Unit 9: The Titanic
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Objective: SWBAT conduct research around a given focus, record specific notes, and demonstrate understanding through a variety of questions.

Big Idea: Today's focus is learning about four cities that were important to the Titanic's history. Through the use of a teacher created website, students read preselected passages about the cities and record pertinent facts.

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