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Overall, the theme paragraphs on the SSR projects were much better than previous theme analyses. I still think my students need to be able to explain their evidence more fully. Some students are still ending their paragraphs with evidence, but I want them to end their paragraphs with a logical concluding statement. The average score that I would give the class for their theme paragraphs is close to a 3 on the PARCC rubric. As you are viewing this lesson and the student work, I'd love for you to send me feedback on how you might score the samples. Check out a sample student response that would have earned a high 2 on this panel.

  Checks for Understanding: Reflection on Theme Paragraphs
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Digging for Theme Analysis of Self-Selected Texts

Unit 16: Crossing Boundaries: The Odyssey
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT analyze the theme of independent reading texts by writing the theme panel of a book jacket project.

Big Idea: Students drive the lesson by "digging in" to the work of explaining themes in their SSR books

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