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Students seemed to be explaining and working well on this concept. So, I decided to give them the floor to see what would happen. Some students used their patterns to create charts. Some used their patterns to explain real world experiences such as: One student mowed his mother's lawn every Saturday. His mother gave him $10.00 each time he mowed the lawn. He wanted to know how much money he would make in a month.  So I guided him a bit. I ask, "How many weeks are in a month?" 4 Now! count by ten's to get your answer. I give them about 15 minutes or so to finish up their student-led discussion. I might venture into their conversation a time or two to reinforce different concepts that students might be struggling with.

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Following Rules

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Objective: 4.OA.5-TSWBAT use a number pattern to find a rule and predict the next numbers.

Big Idea: Students often confuse skip counting with finding a rule or pattern for a given set of numbers. TSW focus on how one number relates to the next and extend the pattern to determine the rule.

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following rules
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