Reflection: Complex Tasks Day Two: Using Textual Evidence to Analyze the Development of Voting Rights - Section 3: Independent Practice: Scaffolding 100 years of Voting Timeline


What a creative idea to have students present different evidences about history to show how suffrage has advanced over the past 100 years. The design of the lesson wasn't what challenged students. However, it was not knowing the before and after information from the timeline that kept students wondering if their particular answers were correct and/or incorrect.

One thing that I loved about this activity was that there was no wrong answers since all information came directly from the handout. Having students to meet CCSS expectation in citing evidences allowed for them to validate the conclusions they drew from the information read for thier time in history. However, relying on paraphrasing proved difficulty for students since there was so much important information to sort through for completing their part on the banner. 

No matter what behaviors I received from my students,  I will definitely do this activity again and in the same fashion. The main difference would be that paraphrasing would have been practiced in depth prior to giving this assignment. Additionally, assigning a follow-up activity with research and/or writing will help students determine to what degree voting has changed or stayed the same throughout history. 

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Day Two: Using Textual Evidence to Analyze the Development of Voting Rights

Unit 4: Risking it All
Lesson 14 of 14

Objective: SWBAT identify and evaluate evidences in text to develop a themes about the right for women to vote.

Big Idea: Gender vs. Gender: Is it fair to decide who gets to Vote?

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