Reflection: Lesson Planning Using Rhyme in Poems - Section 2: Reading Examples of Rhyming Poems


When we discuss thinking and problem solving we tend to think about the math classroom.  But students do a lot of thinking and problem solving in the ELA classroom as well.  I included the poem "Covers" in today's lesson for several reasons.  I knew it was a quality poem because it was an exemplar poem in the Common Core Appendix B.  It was also a rhyming poem, and I wanted to dive into these types of poems today.  I also chose this poem so students could think critically about the poem.  I wanted them to see that rhyming poems don't always feel silly or playful or try to make the reader happy or make them laugh.  Rhyming poems can evoke many different kinds of feelings in a reader.  It was important for us to have that classroom conversation so students could hear other's ideas.  Rhyming poems can be just as complex as other types of poetry.  I would recommend that when you teach this lesson, to really focus on how "Covers" is different from the other types of poems and how it evokes a different set of feelings in a reader.

  Exposing Students to a Range of Poetry
  Lesson Planning: Exposing Students to a Range of Poetry
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Using Rhyme in Poems

Unit 18: Let's Learn About Poetry
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Objective: SWBAT analyze how rhymes in poetry add meaning for a reader and apply that understanding by creating a rhyming poem of their own that conveys meaning.

Big Idea: In today's lesson students will rhyme. It's so sublime. They will do it all the time. Come on and find out how to get your students to write rhyming poems with ease!

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