Reflection: High Quality Task Snowman Names- A Magical Cross-Curricular Experience - Section 1: Why this Lesson?


Why, with Common Core, should we work on a lesson with SO MANY standards covered?  Well, I know that we are supposed to teach in-depth with Common Core; however, we are also supposed to allow students a chance to make their own connections and to show what they know!  With this lesson, students are able to connect reading, writing and math.  So, whether a students' strength is reading or math, they are able to succeed at some part of this lesson!  I love giving students a chance to see how relevant their learning is going to be!  When students participate in this lesson and see that reading and math can be intertwined, they really do see that learning and showing what they know can be fun in all areas!

  Why So Many Standards?
  High Quality Task: Why So Many Standards?
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Snowman Names- A Magical Cross-Curricular Experience

Unit 15: Cross Curricular Experiences
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT connect their reading foundational skills, their writing skills and their math skills

Big Idea: Make it accessible from any area and all students can succeed!

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