Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Using Figurative Language in Poems - Section 2: Reading and Discussing Examples


One thing that we all must do as teachers is see how students are performing during the lesson and monitor/adjust "on the fly."  The lesson was going O.K., but I could tell that I hadn't planned enough and wasn't specific enough in my teaching.  I knew my students poems wouldn't be the caliber that I wanted them to be if I didn't adjust right then and there.  I didn't have the components of what I wanted to see in their poems (slide 38) on the Smartboard lesson.  So I added a slide and wrote those down.  I also hadn't planned to model some poems but I knew if I wanted them to give me a quality product then I needed to do some modeling.  My students also didn't have the bookmarks I included in this plan to refer to when writing their poems.  I thought to make those after I had done the lesson.

Minus the bookmarks, I made these changes, and the lesson went smoothly.  I ended up getting a quality product from my students.  I went back and made the changes to the Smartboard/Activboard lesson, and I also made bookmarks for students.  Because of the changes I made I hope your lesson is smooth sailing for you as well.  If not, just adjust on the fly like I did to meet your student's needs!

  Adding More Structure and Support
  Adjustments to Practice: Adding More Structure and Support
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Using Figurative Language in Poems

Unit 18: Let's Learn About Poetry
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT analyze how literary devices add meaning for a reader in poetry and apply that understanding by creating a free verse poem of their own that conveys meaning.

Big Idea: We've focused on figurative language. Now we will apply what we know when writing poems.

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