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Today marks the last pre-selected job for students. They’ve completed tasks related to fictional elements, making connections, summarizing, and determining central ideas. They’ve been supported in their discussions by both their completed work sheets and my prompting during their group shares.

After this point, students become responsible for their own discussions. They no longer have job sheets to complete, but must come up with their talking points. Sometimes this is a struggle, especially at first. If I find that students become stuck in their discussions, I remind them of the different roles – have they discussed any important actions made by the character yet? How about the setting? Did it change significantly or impact what happened in the text? Can they make connections between what they just read and what they already know about the plot? Can they predict what might happen next using evidence to support their ideas? Typically after just a couple days without their “training wheels,” students are able to ride smoothly on their own.

If you find that students need more time before working on their own, you could have them do a second round of jobs. This time, however, each student in a group could complete a separate job so that students are talking about several different aspects during the group share. Students rotate through the jobs until each has had a second chance to complete every job. During this second round, I also would limit my interactions with each group to make sure students weren’t relying on me as a crutch to direct and extend their discussions.

Once the initial text is complete, I move students into new groups based on reading levels and/or interests and have them help in choosing new texts. Once selected, they are responsible for determining what their reading selection will be each day and in conducting meaningful conversations.



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Book Groups: Caped Connector

Unit 15: Book Groups
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Objective: SWBAT read selected passage, complete assigned task, and share completed work with their book groups.

Big Idea: Today's job is Caped Connector. After reading the selection, students make their own connections, share them with the group, and record the connections of others.

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