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I always strive to make the highest quality lesson I can for the Master Teacher Project.  There were certain shape poems I found online that I put into the Smartboard lesson.  However, there are still so many other fabulous examples that I wanted to share with my students, but copyright prevents me from reproducing them here. Try to check out Jack Prelutzky - he is an awesome poet.  He has two books that show great examples of shape poems.  You can check these out here and here.  If you have other poetry resources in your classroom that you can read to your students to give them a richer understanding of the content than I recommend you do that.  You can always add things to my lessons to make the learning experience for your students even better!

I'd also like to mention Ken Nesbitt's website.  He has some great ideas for teaching about shape poetry.  You can look at his ideas here.

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Concrete or Shape Poems

Unit 18: Let's Learn About Poetry
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Objective: SWBAT analyze how shape poetry adds meaning for a reader and apply that understanding by creating a shape poem of their own that conveys meaning.

Big Idea: We're going to take free verse poetry one step farther. It's time to write a shape poem.

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snail shape poem
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