Reflection: Joy Writing Free Verse Poetry - Section 3: Writing Our Poems (Independent Practice)


In this part of the lesson I really stepped back and just let me students create.  The students were very excited to show me their work as they were creating it. I was very encouraging because it just really made me happy to see them so engaged.  In poetry there are no right and wrong answers. I could have been nit picky and really gotten after them for grammar and punctuation, but I really wanted them to just get their thoughts out on paper.  This unit was done towards the end of the year, and I really wanted to give my students a holistic experience with the joy of poetry.

  The Joy of Poetry
  Joy: The Joy of Poetry
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Writing Free Verse Poetry

Unit 18: Let's Learn About Poetry
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write their own free verse poem by using line breaks and white space.

Big Idea: We've seen and talked about enough free verse poems. Now it's our turn to write poems of our own.

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