Reflection: Intervention and Extension Constructing a House Plan Day 1 - Section 4: Student Practice


Some students have a difficult time with spatial visulaization and fine motor skills. Drawing a straight line is especially difficult, as well as counting the correct number of squares. These students benefit greatly when given a ruler. Also, I show them how to check off squares to keep track of the dimensions: Student Checking Off Squares. Sometimes students count the corners of each square instead of the side lengths of each square. For this reason, I teach students to place hash marks in the middle of each side of each square counted. 

  Intervention and Extension: Helping Struggling Students
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Constructing a House Plan Day 1

Unit 14: Area & Perimeter
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Objective: SWBAT apply their understanding of area to design a house plan using grid paper and standard room specifications.

Big Idea: Students begin constructing their house plan by studying an example house plan, utilizing a room size resource, and drawing their first room on grid paper.

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