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As with any book, it was my hope that students would so enjoy this text that they wouldn’t want to put it down. I don’t ever want to stifle that excitement or tell students they can’t read something they enjoy. So I have a rule that students can read past today’s selected assignment so long as they don’t spoil the text for others. This can, however, create a problem when asked to do certain jobs such as this one. Obviously students can’t write a prediction about what will happen in this selection if they’ve already read it! So in these cases, I tell students to simply make a note that they’ve already read this passage, tell me where they are in the text, and make a prediction about what will happen next from that point. When it comes time to share their work, those who have read ahead just tell their group that they cannot share their predictions because they’ve read ahead. Instead they can share their predictions with me as I come to check and connect with their group.


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  Advanced Students: Reading Ahead
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Book Groups: Green Guesser

Unit 15: Book Groups
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Objective: SWBAT read selected passage, complete assigned task, and share completed work with their book groups.

Big Idea: Today's job is "Green Guesser." Students are asked to make a prediction before reading today's selection and an inference based on what they've read so far.

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English / Language Arts, Fiction (Reading), literature circles, Titanic, chapter book, book groups, book clubs, I survived, inference, prediction
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