Reflection: High Expectations Don't SHOE know your adjectives? - Section 5: Assessing this Task


One of my favorite (and most important) things to teach is vocabulary.  I like to have students use good, challenging vocabulary as often as possible.  I really think it is crucial with lessons like these to have students challenge themselves with high-quality vocabulary!  I do vocabulary study every day with my students (explicitly, through read-alouds and with our curriculum texts) so they will be prepared to think through their word choices with assignments just like this one!  When students access some higher-level words, they are really strengthening their brains for reading, writing and speaking- that is something I will be looking for when assessing!

  What types of adjectives am I looking for and why?
  High Expectations: What types of adjectives am I looking for and why?
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Don't SHOE know your adjectives?

Unit 9: Language Skills
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use multiple adjectives to describe different types of shoes and form sentences with their chosen words.

Big Idea: Who doesn't want to talk about shoes in kindergarten? Make describing words fun for students and teachers alike!

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this student did pretty well and indeed met the
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